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Dawn Atkin

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It seems crazy, but in Utah workers compensation insurance carriers have 45 days after an injury is reported to decide if they should accept it or not.  Even worse, they can take another 15 days after that if they need to.  Be prepared for the break in income if you cannot work due to your injury.

You can reduce this delay by completing and returning forms as quickly as possible, and always answering the phone when an adjuster calls.  Adjusters handle hundreds of claims at a time.  When your file is open on an adjuster's computer, you want to make sure to give her everything she needs right then.

In addition, respond to your employer's calls and do as they ask.  If the employer offers light duty, you are required to report to work and try to work out a plan that will let you work while staying within your doctor' restrictions.  Do not ignore your employer's requests that you report to work or your time loss benefits (temporary total disability) can be denied. 

Finally, follow your doctor's directions in every way possible.  Sometimes this is outside your control due to the need for pre-authorization, but get the care you can.

Yes, you can have your private health care/Medicaid/VA pay for your medical care while you wait for the adjuster to accept the claim.  If the claim is accepted, workers compensation will pay the doctor and the doctor will reimburse the prior payers

When the adjuster eventually accepts or denies the claim, you will receive a form explaining what is being done and, if applicable, back benefits will be promptly paid.

K. Dawn Atkin
Attorney with Atkin & Associates
(801) 521-2552
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