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Surviving The Wait
Life becomes very rough when you are injured or chronically ill and your benefits are not being paid. We hope you will find some help here.
3 3 Resource List: A Long List Of Services Available To Assist You
by Dawn Atkin
     Utah Workers' Compensation
Utah Workers' Compensation Basics
Detailed descriptions of the requirements of coverage, as well as every benefit that can be claimed in a workers compensation claim, and when they are owed.
10 10 Temporary Partial Disability
by Dawn Atkin
Common Problems & Effective Solutions (FAQ)
You have questions about your workers compensation claim, and we have answers.
4 4 Maximizing Wages for Benefit Calculations
by atkinlaw
Can They Do That? Avoiding Crazy Denials.
A denial by an adjuster can come in unbelievable forms. Learn how to avoid the delay and hassle of a denial based on light duty releases, fraud and other avoidable issues.
9 9 The Adjuster Says Carpel Tunnel from Typing Is Not Covered by WC. Is that right?
by Dawn Atkin
Legal Actions at the Labor Commission - A Step by Step Guide
Information about the process of suing a workers compensation company for benefits, including the forms required, discovery, IMEs, mediation and the court hearing.
7 7 Filing a Legal Action
by Dawn Atkin
     Atkin & Associates, News, Victories and Interesting Cases
The attorneys of Atkin & Associates are very active in legal actions, legislative changes, and Labor Commission committees that make this state better for people who have been injured. Read what is happening in the community.
1 1 Medical Panels Found Not To Be Biased
by Dawn Atkin
Victories, and Interesting Cases 14 14 Once a Preliminary Order of PTD is entered, Employer must almost always start paying interim benefits
by Gary Atkin

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