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Dawn Atkin

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Get The Care You Need, Any Way You Can.

When workers compensation coverage is denied, you still need medical care.  In fact, you are less likely to win a legal action for workers compensation coverage if you do not get any medical care.  Do everything possible to get the care you need.

You have every right to get your medical care through any insurance that you would have used if injured at home, such as private health care, Medicaid, Medicare or VA.  Keep track of all payments made by you or the health insurance, so that appropriate reimbursements can be made after a Judge makes a decision on the workers compensation case.

Please note that many insurance companies and all Medicaid/Medicare have protection under Federal Law that requires repayment of the money they advanced on a workers compensation injury.  Complete the forms they send requesting information about the workers compensation insurance, and keep them informed of any progress.  Never settle a case without appropriate payments to the carriers that helped you survive the wait.  In some instances, an improper settlement can result in a lawsuit against you.

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K. Dawn Atkin
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