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Dawn Atkin

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Medical Coverage Never Expires.

In 1988 a statute was created the ended medical coverage if the injured worker did not bill the insurance for medical care at least every three years.  Many injured workers were notified of the statute, and many actually lost their medical coverage.

But that statute has been retroactively reversed.  It is no longer true that medical care expires in three years, and if you were denied coverage because you went three years without medical care, that denial is no longer valid.

The current statute says that the bill for medical care must be submitted to the adjuster within a year of the care or that bill is not covered by workers compensation.  Other bills would still be eligible for coverage.

This statute is retroactive, which means it applies to all Utah Workers Compensation claims, no matter when the injury occurred.

If you have been notified that your medical care has expired, and you need bills paid by workers compensation, contact an attorney for help with a claim at the Labor Commission.


NOTE:  Adjusters also often say that an injured worker's file is "closed."  There is no such thing.  Contact an attorney if you have unpaid medical bills that should have been covered by the workers compensation insurance carrier.

K. Dawn Atkin
Attorney with Atkin & Associates
(801) 521-2552
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